How can I strengthen my account security?


Password should be complex and unique, at least 8 digits in length. We recommend your password to contain upper and lower case letters, numbers or special symbols with no obvious pattern, preferably not including your name, email name, your birthday, cell phone and other information that can be easily accessed by others.

Wallet private key, secret phrase

Once the private key and secret phrase are leaked, the assets can be controlled by others

(1) Anyone who has the private key and secret phrase can transfer the assets

(2) The wallet password is only used for encryption and decryption of the private key, the password is only stored on the phone, please make a backup of the password

(3) Please do not take screenshot backup of private key and helper words to avoid being intercepted by a malware.

(4) Please copy and save them in a safe place, do not transfer or store them on the network.

Watch out for phishing