Trading behavior guidelines

In order to protect the trading experience of users, regulate market trading behavior and protect investors' rights and interests, MEME system will identify users who use multiple accounts and devices for illegal arbitrage (including but not limited to swipe commission, rebate, grant, hedging, etc.) and will take corresponding measures (including and prohibit trading, freeze assets, Restrictions on authorization, etc.).。

Abnormal trading behaviors and procedures specified by the exchange

Abnormal trading behaviors stipulated by the Exchange

1.1. Excessive market trading behavior: multiple accounts irregularly going to trade, maliciously placing a large number of orders in a single day to disrupt the market;

1.2. Self-trading behavior;

1.3. Combined positions of associated accounts under the control of one user exceeding exchange position limits;

1.4. Authorized accounts, trading by means of contraventions, illigal trades, etc., manipulating market prices and making irregular profits;

1.5. Code theft trading practices: customers illegally stealing authorization to use other people's wallets or using authorized accounts to trade illegally and transfer funds;

1.6. Using accounts and associated accounts for swipe trading;

1.7. Illegal quantitative trading and arbitrage trading;

1.8. Using one's own account or multiple accounts for AB position trading behavior;

1.9. High frequency trading or use of programs for high frequency trading violations;

1.10. The occurrence of abnormal convergence trading behavior;

1.11. Operating a trading account on behalf of others;

1.12. Use of ultra-short term trading (ultra-short term frequent opening and closing of positions);

1.13. Engaging in price manipulation or any other malicious market behavior;

1.14. Potentially harming other users or the MEME platform by exploiting loopholes in the Service or by other unreasonable means;

1.15. Engaging in any other activity that MEME considers harmful to the market;

11.16. Using multiple devices and accounts to swipe commissions, rebates, grants, hedging and other actions;

Abnormal trading behavior handling methods

2.1. Immediately terminate your account and access to our server and deduct illegal gains.

2.2. Invalidate all trades that constitute ultra-short term trading activity.

2.3. Close all trades that constitute ultra-short term trading activity based on our current market prices.

Types of irregular transactions and Swipe Orders, AB Positions, and High Frequency Violation Transactions and how to handle the

1.Types and characteristics of irregular trading

1.1.Code theft trading

Code theft trading refers to the use of stolen trading passwords of others and control of others' accounts to achieve the purpose of transferring funds;

1.2.Linked account irregular transactions

The act of transferring funds from the principal's account to someone else's free account by premeditating or agreeing with others in advance to place an order at the same time at the same price, with one account buying high and selling low at an apparent loss and the other buying low and selling high at an apparent profit;

1.3.The principal makes a pair of irregular transactions to transfer the funds of the principal's account

The act of the delegated person using the account of the principal to conduct transactions between its own account and its counterparty, thus transferring the funds of the account of the delegated person to its own account;

2.Types and characteristics of swipe orders, AB positions and high-frequency irregular transactions

2.1.Multiple linked accounts, in the same time period, the same species, the same direction, similar number of contracts, similar opening price, similar closing price for trading.

2.3.Open and close positions quickly in a very short period of time.

3. The treatment of irregular transactions and swipe orders

According to the relevant system of the exchange, the exchange will give certain penalties to investors who trade in violation of the law, such as ordering correction and confiscation of illegal income. In case of minor violations, the Exchange will give warnings, forcibly close out positions, suspend trading, etc.; in case of serious violations, the Exchange will notify the investor of penalties such as forcibly liquidate positions, suspend trading, freeze accounts, and declare the investor as a "market inadmissible person"; in case of suspected violations of the laws of the country where the investor is located, the Exchange will refer the investor to judicial authorities and prosecute the investor through the courts. In case of suspected violation of the laws of the country, the Exchange will refer the case to the judicial authorities and prosecute it through the courts.

MEME strictly prohibits unfair trading practices. MEME reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to exercise executive control over your account if you are involved in:

1. Engage in price manipulation or any other malicious market behavior;

2. May harm other users or the MEME platform by exploiting loopholes in the Service or other unreasonable means;

3. Engage in any other activity that MEME considers harmful to the market;

4. Use multiple devices and accounts to swipe commission, rebates, grants, hedging and other actions.


The final right to interpret this Trading Code of Conduct belongs to MEME.