How to open a position with a limit order

What is a limit order?

When the market price meets the trader's expectation, the system will execute the order according to the best price

Click to buy long/ sell short

Look at the bottom of the page and select Modify

Select the limit order. Click Confirm

Fill in the price you want to open long/sell short

After selecting the Cross/Isolated mode, confirm the leverage multiplier, and finally fill in the quantity you need to buy, click open short/open long and then click confirm

Your order will appear in the limit order section

When the price fluctuates to the limit price, the system will automatically buy the corresponding amount of currency at the set price

When the limit order is executed, your order will appear at the bottom of the position, showing the buying price, current profit/loss status and other information

This is the end of the limit order trading tutorial

Note: All images here are sample tutorials and do not provide any price guidance for trading advice, please trade according to your actual needs