How to open a position with a market order

What is a market order?

Market orders are orders that are placed immediately at the best price on the current list. Due to system delays, the final execution of the purchase price may be better or worse than the expected price.

Click Buy Long / Sell Short

Look at the bottom of the page and select Modify

Click on the top of the page, select Market Order and click on Confirm

After entering the trading page, select the Cross/Isolated mode, select the leverage multiple and the quantity to be purchased, and finally select open long/open short

Enter the position interface, and the content of the completed transaction

will appear. The average price of the opened position is the average price of the specified quantity ordered (due to network delays and other reasons, the price may be different from the expected price)

This is the end of the market price trading tutorial

Note: Here again all the content of the picture are sample tutorials, do not provide any price guidance trading advice, please trade according to your actual needs.