Set up market price order plan

What is market plan order?

Market plan order is an order method where the trader can set the trigger price in advance, and when the market price reaches the trigger price, the system will automatically place the order at the market price. Please note that the system will automatically cancel the execution of this operation due to rapid market fluctuations, insufficient margin or position limits, etc.

Click buy long / sell short

Look at the bottom of the page and select Modify

Select the market plan and click on the bottom right to confirm

Go to the market order plan page

Trigger price: the price conditions for triggering a market order

Set the trigger price, set the number of orders, Cross/Isolated mode, leverage multiplier

After confirming, select Buy Long/Sell Short to trade

Click Confirm

Enter the trading page, then click on the plan order to view the orders

When the market price triggers the setting of the order price, the position interface appears to place an order details

Here the end of the market price order plan tutorial

Note: Here again all image content are sample tutorials, do not provide any price guidance to order advice, please trade according to your actual needs