ImToken Tutorial

The entire process from wallet creation to binding

▶How to create a new wallet address

If you already have a wallet address, please skip this step

Open the wallet and click on this content

Go to Create Identity and click on Agree to Agreement Instructions

Go to the Create Identity screen

Identity Name: is the nickname of your own account

Password: is the centralized password of imToken, which is used for imToken wallet account login and authorization operations

Repeat password: needs to be the same as the password above

Password tips: When you forget your password, this content can help you remember it

Add a currency

Select your digital currency and confirm. (This is a demonstration of the TRON network, which is currently used by a large number of people)

If you want to add new currencies later, you can add them in your wallet

Mnemonic section

After completing the above steps, you will be prompted to backup the Mnemonic

PS: The Mnemonic is very important for crypto wallets! It can affect both the migration of wallets and the transfer of assets! Be sure to remember the Mnemonic! It is also recommended to manually transcribe a copy of your wallet's Mnemonic to ensure that is not lost by hackers.

Click Backup Now

Copy the mnemonic (this step cannot be ignored)

Please copy the mnemonic in order

Click Confirm Backup after confirming

You need to click on the mnemonic in order

All 12 mnemonics are correctly arranged

After confirming that they are correct, click Next

Follow the software prompts

Click on the top right corner

Go to the Select Wallet screen and select the wallet linked to Tron network (TRX)

How to check your wallet address

See your QR code and public key

Note: This address is your personal address for receiving currency and transferring it (the specific operation process is not outlined in this tutorial)

This concludes the wallet creation process and begins the process of binding the wallet to the MEME platform