The entire process from wallet creation to binding

▶How to create a new wallet address

If you already have a wallet address, please skip this step

●Open the wallet, click Start to enter the wallet settings

Click Create New Wallet

Click on I agree

Once you enter the Create New Wallet screen, enter your password and confirm your password (you need to be consistent)

Click on I understand METAMask

Then click Create Password

Password: It is the centralized password of METAMASK, which is used for the account login and authorization of METAMASK wallet.

Repeat password: needs to be the same as the password above

Click the bottom to start

Enter your password again and click on Confirm

●Click to view the mnemonic, and pay attention to the information on the page

Once the mnemonics appear, record your mnemonics in order

Click on the confirmation button to make sure it is correct.

Find the mnemonics below in the order you just recorded them and click on them in order

If you click in the wrong order, you will not be able to go to the next step!

After confirming, click Full Backup

Click Finish

This is the end of the wallet creation process, and you can start binding your wallet to the MEME platform

Note: Since MetaMask is a single-chain wallet and only supports ETH (Ethernet) chain, there is no need to switch wallet network addresses.