TokenPocket Tutorial


How to create a new wallet address

If you already have a wallet address, please skip this step

Open the wallet, click I don't have a wallet

●Enter the add network, select Tron network

Select Create Wallet

●Create Wallet

Wallet Name: The name of this wallet

Password: is a centralized password for TokenPocket, which is used for transferring transactions and other operations

Fill in the password and check the box to agree

Click Create Wallet to confirm that it is correct.

●Back up your wallet

Click I know

Backing up mnemonics

The words must be copied in order

When you are done, confirm that they are correct and click Backup Complete

Fill in the mnemonic

There are 12 mnemonics

You need to fill in the above words one at a time in order

Click on the bottom to confirm that there are no errors.

This concludes the wallet creation process and begins the process of binding the wallet to the MEME platform