Tronlink Tutorials


How to create a new wallet

If you already have a wallet, please skip this step

Open the wallet and click on Create Wallet

Slide the screen to the bottom and read until the bottom button lights up

Click on Agree to these terms and conditions

Go to the Create Wallet page and click Create Wallet after completing the entire process

Name: the wallet name for easy identification

Click Create Wallet after the above process is completed

Back up mnemonics

Go to the Create Wallet page and click Backup Wallet

Click on Start Backup

Click to show the mnemonics

Back up the mnemonics in order

Each mnemonic has its own number

Please record all 12 mnemonics

Click on "I have backed up" after confirming that the words are correct

Fill in the correct mnemonic for each number according to the serial number

There are 12 mnemonics in total, but the system will randomly show you 3 positions of mnemonics to fill in

Each serial number will give 6 mnemonics, but only one word is correct, please certify to fill in

After confirming that there are no errors, click Next

This is the end of the wallet creation process, start to enter the MEME platform binding wallet