Contracts commission

A commission will be charged by MEME during the execution of an order.

The commission will be deducted from the account balance only when the order is executed and will not affect the starting liquidity margin of the order.

Opening: liquidity provider (commissioned orders, deeper market, such as limit orders, etc.) orders commission rate of 0.05%

Closing: Liquidity withdrawing party (orders that are filled immediately and absorb the depth of the market, such as market orders) order commission rate of 0.05%

Handling Fee = Position Value * Handling Fee Rate = Number of Orders Placed * Underlying Price * Handling Fee Rate


Assuming the current latest price of BTC is 10000usd and the number of BTC orders placed is 0.1BTC, the opening commission required to open a position of 0.1BTC contract = number of orders placed * BTC transaction price * 0.05% = 0.1 * 10000 * 0.05% = 0.5USDT