Account structure and profit and loss calculation

Each account in MEME has a separate "Contracts Asset Account". As MEME currently only supports USD-based perpetual contract trading, traders are required to transfer USD funds from their contract account to this asset account in order to trade contracts. You can find the following information about the contract assets on the "Account Assets - Contracts" page of the platform.

Description of the contract account structure

Equity: account balance + unrealized profit/loss.

Available: account balance - frozen margin - entrusted margin + unrealized losses.

Realized P&L: The profit and loss generated by the user's closed positions.

Unrealized P&L: P&L generated for all positions currently held by the user, also known as floating P&L.

Commission Margin: The amount of money a contract trader needs to hold in order to issue a commission.

Maintenance Margin: The minimum amount of money that a contract trader needs to keep in his account in order to hold a certain position in a contract.

Profit and Loss Calculation

In MEME's positive perpetual contracts, we define the current marker price as P0 and the trader's average transaction price as P1, then the trader's profit and loss is calculated as follows:

a) If buying/long: Profit/loss Pnl = (P0 - P1) * contract quantity *1 - trading commission.

b) If selling/short: Pnl = (P0 - P1) * number of contracts *-1 - commission.

To illustrate the calculation of profit and loss:

a) Suppose a trader buys 10 BTC/USD contracts at an average price of 7,000USD and the contract is currently marked at 8,000USD, without taking into account the commission factor:

The trader's unrealized profit = (8,000 - 7,000) * 10* 1 = 10,000 USD

b) Suppose a trader sells 10 positive BTC/USD contracts at an average price of 7,000 USD and later closes the position at the marker price of 6,000 USD, without taking into account the commission factor:

Realized profit for this trader = (6,000 - 7,000) * 10 * -1 = 10,000 USDT

*MEME perpetual contracts support break-even.

The unrealized profit/loss is calculated using the Nominal Price and not the latest market price. Traders can view realized P&L and unrealized P&L in real time at any time in the position section.