Contract Underlying and Terminology Explanation

Contract Underlying:

The underlying of each currency perpetual contract is the corresponding currency index compiled and released by MEME. Currently MEME supports perpetual contracts for BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, BCH, XRP, DOT, LINK, UNI, FIL, 1000SHIB, ADA, DOGE.

Leverage multiples:

MEME offers different leverage levels for different products, up to 100x leverage. Leverage is determined by the starting margin and maintenance position margin levels. They determine the minimum amount of capital a trader needs to open and maintain a position. Leverage is not a fixed multiple, but a minimum margin requirement. You can see the minimum amount of starting and maintenance margin on the Risk Limits document page.

Open position value:

Number of orders placed * average price of opening position

Position value:

Number of Orders Placed * Markup Price

Unrealized P&L:

The trader's current position in a contract generates profit or loss, also known as floating profit or loss.

Realized P&L:

The accumulation of profit and loss from a trader's closed positions prior to contract settlement


The realized gain on a position that has been settled since it was opened + the unrealized gain since the last settlement.

Profit margin:

= profit / margin required to open a position = profit / (contract face value * number of open positions * average price of open positions / leverage).