Index Prices

In order to ensure that the spot index price reasonably reflects the fair spot market price of each coin, we will select 3 mainstream exchange pairs for each contract coin as index weighting components, and design the exception handling logic. If there is a significant deviation in the quotation of some exchanges or an interruption in the quotation of a certain exchange, MEME will automatically remove the data of that exchange from the index, i.e. no longer participate in the index calculation until its trading. This ensures that the index fluctuations are within the normal range when there is a significant deviation in the prices of individual exchanges.

The logic of the spot index price calculation

a. Real-time access to the spot prices of all index component exchanges for the currency pair

b. System maintenance or the latest transaction price and volume for a period of time no transaction exchange set to invalid, this does not participate in the calculation

c. Determine how many exchanges are currently valid:

=3: weight the valid exchange data by equal weights (if the price of an exchange deviates by more than 3% relative to the median price of all exchanges, the price of that exchange is calculated according to the median * 0.97 or median * 1.03)

=2: weighted valid exchange data by equal weights

= 1: directly take the price of the remaining valid exchange as the index price