Position Introduction

Parameter Description

1. Number of positions: the number of contracts currently held

2. Open Position Value = Sum (Number of Open Positions * Current Reasonable Markup Price)

3. Margin = Opening Value / Leverage = (Average Opening Price * Number of Positions * Current Reasonable Markup) / Leverage

You can adjust the margin via the "Adjust Margin" button; the MEME platform currently does not support adjusting the margin of a position by controlling the leverage multiplier.

4. Estimated Closeout Price: Assuming the price P is the price when your margin rate is equal to the maintenance margin rate, your position will trigger a closeout event or a partial closeout event when the reasonable marker price reaches the price P. The higher the margin ratio, the higher your position will be.

The higher the margin ratio, the safer your position is. Your position will be forced to close when the Margin Ratio is 0.

Full position:

Margin Ratio = (Account Balance - Commissioned Freeze Margin - All Position by Position Freeze Margin + ∑ Floating P&L of all Full Positions - ∑ Maintenance Margin of all Full Positions) / ∑ Maintenance Margin of all Full Positions

Position by position:

Margin Ratio = (Current Margin - Maintenance Margin) / Maintenance Margin

Maintenance Margin Rate: In order to prevent market liquidity from being impacted by large positions, MEME implements a graded maintenance margin rate system for its contract products. That is, the larger the user's position, the higher the minimum maintenance margin rate and the lower the maximum leverage available to the user.

5. Unrealized gain/loss: The amount of gain/loss expected after closing the current position at a reasonable markup price, also called floating gain/loss, which varies with the fluctuation of the reasonable markup price.

Buy/Long: unrealized gain/loss = number of positions held * (current spot price - average price of open positions)

Sell/short: unrealized profit/loss = number of positions held * (average opening price - current spot price)

6. Realized P&L: the real profit or loss generated by the user's closed positions, calculated based on the user's average opening price and the closing price.

Buy/Long: Realized profit/loss = Number of closed positions * ( closing price - average price of opening position )

Sell/Short: Realized P&L = Number of closed positions * (average price of open positions - price of closed positions)

7. return = unrealized gain/loss / margin

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